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Server & Storage Infrastructure

Servers and Storage Infrastructure are a key component of an enterprise's technology environment. They run mission-critical business applications with many of them being operated on a 24/7 basis. They are critical to ensuring business continuity, maximum uptime, minimum downtime, and optimum performance of the IT Infrastructure. The right Server and Storage solution must ensure that the hardware and software are capable of scaling upto peak demands and future needs. It should also be sensitive to power consumption and optimizing the carbon footprint of the enterprise.

However, with a plethora of vendors, brands and solutions, it can be quite challenging for a small or mid-sized enterprise to choose the right solution and configuration. Any errors in this area can not only cause spikes in IT expenditure, but also disrupt business and cause financial losses to the company.

Datatech precisely understands this. That is why, we engage with clients right from the time of inception of the solution and lead the solution designing process which involves a thorough understanding current and future application workload requirements. Subsequently, we will design the most optimum server and storage solution using relevant technology. We have a certified and experienced team of specialists who can design and deploy any class of servers and storage infrastructure for you.