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Customer Communication Management

Leveraging Customer Communication for Business Excellence

Business Organizations communicate with their customers through a whole lot of frequently used documents and content. Different communication channels are employed by organizations depending on the context, purpose, compliance, frequency and cost.

Reasons for implementing CCM

  • For regular and structured communication like Financial Statements, Bills, Account notices etc, offset and digital prints, E-mails and SMS are generally the communication medium deployed.
  • For a more interactive disposition like Public Relations, Advertising, Trade shows, the company may use Social Media, offset prints, websites, blogs etc.
  • Portals and mobile serve the on-demand communication channel offering self services like Order confirmations, On-line quotes etc.

Each Channel is targeted at a specific target audience and designed according to a robust communication plan.

In the past, such documents/content was plain vanilla with information restricted to that transaction only. As a result, a huge opportunity in cross-selling, up-selling and marketing the company’s offerings were lost. Till Customer Communication Management changed all that...

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a set of Information Technology tools that simplifies the process of composing, formatting, personalizing, distributing and monitoring physical or electronic content, for external communication.

With a CCM Solution in place, business organizations can:

  • Achieve enhanced customer experience by providing personalized and contextual communication to the right customer at the right time through his preferred channel
  • Standardize communication across multiple channels (Print, Mail, Web, Mobile, Fax)
  • Leverage all communication touch points for better brand positioning and to facilitate cross-selling and up-selling
  • Ensure regulatory/statutory compliance from both content and SLA perspective
  • Empower their customers for self-service through on-demand communication
  • Reduce operational complexities owing to multiple communication channels

An effective and structured CCM solution requires three enablers:

  • DOCCM: Document Output for Customer Communications Management
  • BPM: Business Process Management
  • ECM: Enterprise Content Management

When working in tandem, these enablers create an effective CCM platform for generating personalized, one-to-one communication with multi-channel delivery. The platform provides a collaborative way of designing templates and its approvals. Changes in the communication process and the templates can be managed by business users themselves with minimal IT support. The platform even provides compliance with regulatory/statutory norms.

The CCM platform can also become a vehicle for an Organization´s Green initiatives. There can be campaigns that encourage customers to opt for electronic statements and correspondence. Even a 20-30% conversion from print to electronic delivery can bring huge cost savings and generate carbon credits.

Datatech provides CCM solutions around three key areas namely: structured, on-demand and interactive communications for the purposes of Operations, Marketing and regulatory/statutory Compliance.

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