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Business Process Management

Streamlining Business Processes for an agile Enterprise

Business organizations strive to remain profitable by satisfying the various stakeholders in the business such as customers and clients, employees, partners, vendors and regulatory agencies. This requires that all business processes are running efficiently and cost-effectively which enhances productivity. Which is why enterprises require Business Process Management (BPM).

Reasons for implementing BPM

  • A BPM solution helps organizations achieve their business goals with ease. By bridging the gap between people, processes and systems of an organization, BPM ensures all the departments within the company are adequately meeting the business needs.
  • BPM is not just about automating the existing business processes so that the employees are more productive. Its a systematic methodology for holistic management of all business processes by simplifying the interaction between people and technology.
  • Most of the IT solutions in enterprises work in silos which limit its application to specific systems or processes. A BPM solution not only provides an enterprise platform for end-to-end automation and optimization of processes, but also seamlessly integrates with various, existing third-party systems. This way, a carefully planned BPM strategy can maximize ROI on existing IT investments, along with optimizing processes across the enterprise.
  • A good BPM strategy appreciates that BPM is as much about people as it is about technology and systems. Accordingly, any BPM implementation must emphasize the people aspect, rather than mere automation of processes.

Datatech is a premium technology partner to organizations looking at implementing an effective BPM solution. We can help create the BPM strategy and carry out a detailed requirement analysis to assess existing workflow, legacy systems, participants, and business rules; and clearly define how these map to the proposed process workflow. This approach is critical to the success of BPM solution.

For example, Account Opening process involves small IT applications, data and people, whose functions must be orchestrated in a streamlined workflow to ensure success of the process. Rather than simply automating Account Opening to reduce cycle time, a BPM solution must ensure faster ROI, cut costs, eliminate redundancy, integrate with legacy applications, ensure better compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) norms, improve efficiency, increase productivity and facilitate superior customer service.

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