Best Buy Jap Imports
Best Buy Jap Imports
Best Buy Jap Imports
Project Description

The Best Buy Jap Imports website has been custom developed. The intention of this website is to provide users with the choice of imported Japanese cars.

This website features:

  • Quick Form - It facilitates to search vehicles with different options such as “vehicles in stock”, “vehicles in transit” etc.
  • Custom order - It helps users to enquire on the specific vehicle make, model and variant, which is not listed on the website.
  • Separate pages to view the vehicles that are ‘in stock’, ‘in transit’ etc.
  • Smart menu bar button on the top right corner, which opens up a big menu which makes it extremely easy to get the required information.

This website has a stunning design; colours used are gentle on the eyeballs and it is incredibly user-friendly.