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Backup & Recovery Solutions

Data is the currency with which an enterprise transacts with the outside world. Hence, it's critical to protect it, which implies a clear data backup and recovery plan. There are various reasons for loss of data such as accidental deletion, databases getting corrupt, software and hardware failures, and finally natural disasters. A good Backup and Data Recovery plan ensures that backups are performed at predefined intervals of time, and that the backup tapes are stored in a secure location, which can be accessed only by designated personnel.

A good Backup and Recovery Plan must factor what data needs to be backed up, how often the data should be backed up, how important is the data on the systems, the nature of information in the data, the frequency at which the data changes, the speed with which data has to be recovered, equipment required to perform backups, personnel responsible for the backup and recovery plan, ideal time to schedule backups, etc.

Thereafter, the right technologies and techniques must be chosen to backup the files. The organization must be capable of handling different types of backups such as Normal or full backups, Copy backups, differential backups, incremental backups and daily backups.

Datatech works closely with clients and help zero in on the right backup and recovery strategy for their businesses, and then suggest the relevant technology and products for achieving clear objectives. We have certified and experienced professionals to deploy and manage backup and recovery solutions from Symantec, HPE and Dell.